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Nanny&Co is Providing 'Pearls of Wisdom' to Parents

Nanny&Co’s new “baby” is parenting website and we’re utterly delighted to announce that Morton Michel, the UK’s leading childcare insurance specialist, is our main sponsor!

Paula Le Flohic is Director (also affectionately known as Mother Goose) of Nanny&Co, a Cheshire-based bespoke nanny agency and is the author of the original ‘Pearls of Wisdom for Parents’ book published in Dubai in 2003.

Having had her twins in Dubai in 2000 and feeling isolated with no family or support network around her, Paula founded Twins, Triplets Or More in 2001 for families with multiples living in the city. The group went on to welcome over 200 families to its membership, with twins, triplets, quadruplets and quintuplets.

As Paula recalls, “With a great community in TTOM, we not only shared so many stories, we also knew what we were all going through. Until the families with quads and quints came to our get-togethers as then we realised that no matter how tough our days were, these super-human families had a harder day!”

From these regular meetings Paula gathered many parenting hints, tips, hacks and great ideas and with the encouragement of her friends, decided to publish them in a book. “The idea of the book is for parents who are on the edge of parenting or stuck in the middle of it”, Paula explains, “and tired parents don’t read in paragraphs so the book was designed to be easy to search and read those ideas that could make the difference and help mum, dad or baby/babies.”

The book was distributed in the UAE and Europe and it was only after a spontaneous suggestion from a friend to publish daily parenting hacks to boost Nanny&Co’s online presence, that the idea to reboot Pearls of Wisdom For Parents was born. Fast-forward to today and the website is a living, breathing 21st century version of the book which is growing in popularity in every day!

Paula explains, “Parents looking for an answer on potty training, ways to remove a splinter, how to help ease heartburn or solve the agony of nappy rash can just search for key words. It’s simple suggestions in a simple format. Search in the search bar and every ‘pearl of wisdom’ with the words searched will come up for your review.

With just a couple of clicks and a bit of typing, users can register as a member and can then add their own ‘pearl of wisdom’. They can also rate other ‘pearls’ and even add comments to others ‘pearls of wisdom’.

So for those parents thinking “I JUST want someone to tell me what to do to stop baby crying/baby eating/stop feeling so unwell during my pregnancy…” is your place to go.

If you’ve learned some parenting hacks, hints or tips and want to share them with the world, then join and share away!

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