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Childcare recruitment campaign launches Speed Networking event at Park High School Stanmore, Harrow on 1st February

On Thursday, 1st February, 2018, the Inspiring A Future in Childcare campaign moves into an exciting new phase. The launch of Childcare Career Speed Networking events will raise awareness of the range of career options which exist in the childcare sector.

The Speed Networking event at Stanmore School in Harrow, will give young people in Years 8 and 9 the opportunity to meet and talk to professionals working across the childcare industry. The event is being hosted by the Education & Employers charity, Tinies Childcare and the Department for Education.

Since the initial launch in 2017, this campaign has united organisations such as Busy Bees, Cooperative Childcare, Morton Michel, LEYF, PACEY, and the Pre-School Learning Alliance across the Early Years sector and has developed a strong partnership with the Education and Employers charity.

The campaign challenges individual and sector wide perceptions about the childcare profession and the stereotypes that have followed the sector throughout time. It aims to broaden students awareness of the range of exciting roles that the childcare sector holds. The Speed Networking event on 1st February is the first of what we hope will be many, encouraging more careers advisers to start to include Early Years Professionals in future school careers events.

Schools need to have more information and guidance on the opportunities that exist in the sector in order to make a difference. Amanda Coxen of Tinies Childcare believes that there has to be a switch in the public perception of the value of childcarers to the economy, and how they enrich the lives of future generations.

“Providing childcare to families puts Tinies in a position to see how families have changed over the years. We know that in most families both parents need to work so childcarers are integral to the infrastructure of today’s economy. Whether working families need a nanny, a childminder or a place in a nursery, it all comes down to having enough childcarers in the industry to meet this ever-growing need. And right now there are just not enough childcarers to meet that demand.”

The Childcare industry is full of passionate, hard-working, caring, early years professionals who work in a challenging market but whose commitment never fails to put the child’s needs first. They work in a market where resources are stretched to provide quality, safe, affordable childcare for millions of families.

In order to host more networking events, Tinies is working with Education and Employers, building a network of volunteers through their Inspiring the Future online platform.

2017 was an inspirational year for this campaign, laying the foundations, starting conversations and creating a buzz in the sector. 2018 will see the campaign focus on face to face networking events and encourage the Early Years Sector to open its doors to more work experience students, either as childcare professionals or working in supporting roles such as marketing, administration, management.

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