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Thinking of Organising an Event?

With summer finally arriving to the UK we are all hoping to enjoy some time outside in the sunshine!

You may be planning your own event, fete or party with activities, stalls, fun and food to raise money to invest in to your setting or for charity. Perhaps you just want to do something wonderful for families and the local community. If you’re not sure where to start, our handy guide will help you to start planning.

Planning Pointers:

- Decide what type of event you wish to put on – consider the scale of the event or who may attend e.g. children you care for and their families or open to the public

- Where do you plan to hold the event? Do you have enough space?*

- Carry out and record your risk assessments and planning. This will help you understand:

• what additional permissions or licences you may need for your event**

• how many trained first aiders will be required on site

• food hygiene considerations & allergen information to display

- Check your third party stall holders have adequate Public Liability insurance & make a copy for your records

- Provide all volunteers and third party stall holders with an induction***

- Consult your Public Liability insurer to check you are covered and compliant with their requirements.

*Thinking about what space you have will help determine what type of activities you will be able to provide. Remember to organise event layout, keeping in mind that some activities (such as BBQ’s or face painting) will require more space, restricted public access or partitioning to manage the safety of your attendees, volunteers and third party stall holders.

**Many activities do not require a licence, however, consider if your event is providing entertainment, playing music in public, selling alcohol or includes a lottery/raffle. You might be required to apply for a licence from the appropriate governing body. If you plan to close a public road, you will need to liaise with your local council. Explore licence and permission requirements early to avoid delays and disappointment.

***All volunteers and third party stall holders should be made aware of important health and safety considerations identified from your risk assessments and planning, including fire safety.

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