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CATCH THAT COUGH — a brand new picture book from author Bonnie Bridgman and illustrator Louise Forshaw is to be published on September 5th 2019 by Manchester-based publisher Tiny Tree Children’s Books (an imprint of Matthew James Publishing). Catch That Cough marks Bridgman’s debut as a picture book author.


Maisy has never learnt to ‘catch her cough’. Why should she when it gets in the way of all the fun she’s having? But Maisy’s cough escapes and starts wreaking havoc. Now Maisy must CATCH HER COUGH. No matter how difficult that may be...

How do you catch a cough that doesn’t want to be caught? Follow Maisy and find out!

Catch That Cough is a fun, off-the-wall look at what happens when a cough ‘escapes’. Maisy’s cough causes problems wherever it goes, showing children what happens if they don’t cover their mouths and CATCH THAT COUGH!

Catch that Cough will be published on September 5th and made available at bookshops across the UK. Bonnie Bridgman will launch the book on September 7th at Waterstones in Camberley, Surrey from 11am. The event is open to the public.

About the launch event

On 7 September 2019 Bonnie Bridgman will hold a launch event at the Waterstones store in Camberley, Surrey. From 11am children and parents will be treated to the first public reading of Catch That Cough, along with art and craft activities and games, with an opportunity to catch the cough somewhere in store! While the event is free, places are limited and those interested are asked to book via Eventbrite, using the link below:

More public readings, along with activities and games will be taking place leading up to Christmas.

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About Bonnie Bridgman

Bonnie Bridgman is at her happiest in a land of imagination. Having worked as an actress for nearly a decade and perfecting the art of talking to characters inside her head, Bonnie took a leap of faith when her daughter was born and chose to write her characters down instead of acting them out. She can be found having many a conversation with said characters over a cup of tea – notebook and pen poised, ready for any story they may tell. Bonnie lives in Hampshire with her husband and daughter. Her debut authored picture book is Catch that Cough published by Tiny Tree books.

About Louise Forshaw

Louise Forshaw was born in 1987 - most likely with a pencil in her hand! Her passion for drawing started at around 4 years old. Nothing was safe from her coloured pencils! Louise currently lives with her Fiancé in a small town in the North East just outside Newcastle upon Tyne. She works from home in a small studio (and sometimes from the sofa) being supervised by three noisy and very naughty Jack Russell Terriers.

About Tiny Tree Children’s Books

Tiny Tree Children’s Books is an imprint of Matthew James Publishing. Founded in 2017, Tiny Tree has grown to become a well-respected, principled, publisher of children’s picture books and fiction.

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