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If you’re struggling to find new kids books for your reading corner then start here: We’ve picked out some books that caught our eye, with a little review below. As we discover more great books this year, we’ll share our recommendations.

The Little Movers series by Carol Thompson is perfect for under 3s. These picture books show what happens when we put the story and the child first (rather than focusing on what makes them different) Natural and joyful inclusion!

It’s an adorable set of four books published by @childsplaybooks. They’re a celebration of the simple things that children enjoy. And they just happen to feature a child with Down Syndrome as one of the main characters. It's not mentioned, it’s just a joyful book about children having fun.

Beth, a former Child's Play publisher described it to me; "I still remember clearly, the feeling I got when this book landed on my desk. My heart soared. Because this is what it’s all about: creating wonderful and beautiful books that happen to be inclusive"⁠

The gleeful look on the children's faces in the books makes my heart soar too. ⁠ Geraldine, Tidy Books’ children’s bookcase maker and book reviewer.

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