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Are you informed enough about furlough facts?

As all industries continue to be affected by Coronavirus, the team at Reality HR is keeping businesses well informed and offering useful HR advice.

It is constantly updating its furlough fact sheet to include details of the new flexible furlough guidance issued by the government.

The scheme, which starts on July 1, means employees no longer have to be furloughed for a minimum of three weeks, and allows "part time” furloughing. The fact sheet includes information on who is eligible for flexible furlough and what you need to know when making a claim.

Download it here, where you can also find other guidance around coronavirus.

If you require support with understanding how these changes affect your organisation, get in touch through Reality HR’s website, which also has details of online training sessions being run for line managers and employers – while you’re working from home, why not upskill at the same time?

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