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CAA Supports the Children’s Activities Sector to ‘Bounce Back’

The COVID-19 crisis has had a major impact on all businesses across the UK, not least to those operating in the Children’s Activities Sector.

The board of the Children's Activities Association have been in constant discussion during this period, to ensure we offer support and guidance to the 40,000 businesses operating in within the sector.

We have seen an incredible amount of innovation and adaptability by children’s activities businesses to both take services online and to adapt services to be delivered to children while in isolation. Now attention is starting to turn to the bounce back, with the government communicating the initial steps to bring the country out of lockdown. With more information now starting to be released, the CAA have planned a full range of activities and content to support the sector over the coming months.

Guidelines for the Children's Activities Sector

It's highly unlikely the government will provide specific guidelines for our sector on how to operate when deemed safe to do so. These guidelines will be essential to ensure businesses know exactly what is required to operate safely and provide parents the peace of mind needed to ensure their children will be safe.

We are delighted to announce the CAA has begun work on creating specific guidelines for our sector, and once ready these will be available to every business providing activities to children across the UK. Of course, with such a range of providers in the sector the guidelines can be used as a framework but will require adaptation to your specific services.   

To register to receive the guidelines once they are published please visit

Valuable Content and Support to Bounce Back Stronger

Over the coming weeks, we have planned a whole host of valuable content for all those operating in the sector to help them bounce back once they are able to do so. The topics will include:

Strategy for the restart 

Business and Financial Planning


Coping Mechanisms during the Crisis 

Case studies from others in the sector 

To help deliver the content we are creating an online community on Facebook, which will also allow you to network with others in the sector. Search 'Kids Activity Professionals' on Facebook or visit

Government lobbying on behalf of CAA members

Next week, we are writing to Government to lobby support for the sector over the coming months. Of course, we will continue to update on this over the coming weeks.

We hope to see you on some of our upcoming online events, in the meantime, if you have any questions, please do let us know.

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