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Kids Planet raises huge amount for Chester Zoo

Childcare provider Kids Planet has been raising thousands of pounds to support Chester Zoo, one of the UK’s number one family attractions, which has suffered significant losses since the outbreak of COVID-19.

The zoo faces continuing financial challenges as drastic restrictions have been imposed on visitors for the foreseeable future. Initially, the children, staff and parents at the 52 Kids Planet nurseries were hoping to raise £2,000 to help. However, thanks to the engagement of 2,000 staff, 7,000 children (aged two to five) and their families, the bar was raised significantly.

All were willing to complete a collective 1,700 miles (the sum total of the individual mileage from each nursery to Chester Zoo) by walking, hopping, jumping or leaping. Remarkably, the team at Kids Planet – which now includes Kids Allowed – have raised over £20,000.

They have now embarked on the second phase of their campaign and teamed up with One Poll to find out the favourite zoo animal of children aged 3-5 and their reasons why. During phase two of Kids Planet Summer Stampede fundraising campaign – the adoption phase – the children will be learning about inclusivity and compassion as they choose the animals they want to adopt and support throughout this pandemic and beyond.

Kids Planet CEO Clare Roberts commented: “It’s been a tough year for our families and our staff, as well as Chester Zoo. The Summer Stampede campaign has given us a subliminal focus on something that is really important to us, but not always on our minds every day, even though it should be.

“I am so thrilled to see how quickly we surpassed our targets and want to say a huge well done to our staff, children and their families for such a successful combined effort throughout this campaign.

“We know how much Chester Zoo means to us our staff and families and this is evident in their actions. Our name, Kids Planet, reminds us all that children are the most important considerations when we look at the impacts, good and bad, on our world today. The animal kingdom and their survival, or threatened extinction, can teach all of us a thing or two about sustainability and environmental responsibilities. We also believe children should learn the importance of giving and experience the wonderful feelings that it can instil to do something for the good of others. But overall, we encourage learning through play and what better way to encourage our children to take an interest in the world around them.”

To find out more about the Kids Planet team please contact them via Facebook and Twitter. To find out more details about the Kids Planet nurseries in your area you can visit the Kids Planet website.

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