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Test and Trace Rolled Out Nationwide

After a summer in which the Covid-19 infection rate declined across the country, autumn has brought with it a fresh spike in cases, raising the importance of ensuring the virus is contained so the country can continue its path back to normality. In contrast to the situation in the spring, there are many more tools available when it comes to battling the virus. At the head of these is the test and trace system.

Slightly different systems are in place in different parts of the UK, with Scotland and Ireland operating their own apps, separate to that of England and Wales. The latter was the most recent to launch, but the premise of all the apps the same. Covid-19 tests are now much more freely available to those with symptoms, and smartphone apps keep track not just of positive tests, but of where potentially infected people have been and who they have been in contact with, giving everyone that much more certainty about whether they may have been exposed to the virus.

For childcare providers, it is important to understand what they should do when someone at their setting tests positive for Covid-19. The UK governments have provided guidance for these circumstances, including a helpline from the Department for Education for providers in England. You can find additional information on the links below:

NHS Test and Trace (England & Wales):

Childcare Guidance England: 

Childcare Guidance Wales:

Test and Protect Scotland :

Childcare Guidance for Scotland

StopCovid NI:

Childcare Guidance Northern Ireland:

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