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  • How many children am I covered for?
  • Am I covered for children aged over 8 years?
  • Am I covered to take the children on outings?
  • Is my assistant covered by this insurance?
  • Am I covered to take in a work experience student?
  • Am I covered if one of my own children injures one of my minded children?
  • Am I covered for using a trampoline in my garden?
  • Will I receive a policy document telling me exactly what I’m covered for?
  • Am I covered if I provide babysitting services?
  • Am I covered if I work in a crèche?
  • Am I covered for taking minded children in my car?
  • So what is contingent motor liability then?
  • What happens if I have to replace damaged property?
  • Is my own property insured?
  • Supposing a child has an accident during the period of my insurance policy but does not bring a claim against me until months or years later, when I no longer have a policy in force?
  • What happens if I have a dispute with a parent?
  • What if a parent owes me money for the services I provided?
  • Does Morton Michel provide business stationery – such as contracts and child record forms?
  • What is an ERN Number and why do I need to disclose it

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