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Ten great reasons to insure with Morton Michel

  • Fifty years' experience in childcare insurance
  • Family run business, not a corporate machine
  • Market leader in the childcare insurance sector
  • Affordable - and you don’t have to be part of an association to insure with Morton Michel
  • No call centres - your account will be handled by our dedicated team of insurance experts
  • Helplines - tax, legal, health/medical, domestic emergencies and counselling service available at no extra cost, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Privacy - we will never pass on your personal contact information to any other organisations
  • Quick and efficient response to any queries or claims
  • Full easy-to-understand policy documentation
  • Free membership to the Morton Michel ChildCare Club
Insurance for Nannies from Morton Michel Nanny Insurance from Morton Michel

Nanny - Insurance For Nannies, Doulas, Maternity Nurses and Childminders Exempt From Compulsory Registration

Nanny insurance is for qualified or experienced nannies, doulas and maternity nurses, who care for a child or children aged 0 - 17 and/or pre- and post-natal mothers, based in the child’s or mother’s own home.

It is also for childminders exempt from compulsory registration who are those that care for children aged over 8 or aged 0-8 for less than 2 hours a day from the carer’s own home.

Nanny Insurance - Annual Premiums:

  • £63 for nannies registered or applying to be registered on the Ofsted Voluntary Register (England) or the Childcare Approval Scheme (Wales) or SCSWIS approved bodies (Scotland)
  • £83 for non registered nannies (UK only)
  • £93 for Northern Ireland based nannies
  • £75.53 for Channel Islands/Isle of Man based nannies

Nanny Insurance - Cover Includes:

  • Limit of indemnity £3 million
  • Contingent motor liability (this does not replace standard motor insurance cover)
  • Legal Expenses - limit of indemnity £100,000 any one event
  • Five dedicated helplines - legal, medical, tax and VAT, household emergencies and a confidential counselling line. Specialists are on hand to give confidential and practical advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the UK.

*Important: During the first 90 days of your cover any contractual disputes or debt recovery claims arising from an agreement entered into prior to the inception date of your Nanny Policy are excluded.

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Additional Optional Insurance Cover (extra cost)

Public Liability Extension - £5 Million Indemnity (£31.00)
Personal Possessions (for live-in nannies only):-
Level of Cover Additional Premium Cost (including IPT)
£3,000 £30.00
£4,000 £40.00
£5,000 £50.00
£6,000 £60.00
£7,000 £70.00

Nanny Organiser

Nanny Organiser from Morton Michel

Our brand new Nanny Organiser contains two handy booklets, a Nanny Daily Diary and Nanny Documents booklet, to help keep all essential information in one safe place.

It has been designed in consultation with Nannies and is a fantastic way to demonstrate professionalism and best practise to parents. You can purchase the booklets together or separately.

Nanny Daily Diary:
- Important information/dates to remember
- Weekly reminders
- A page a day diary
- Some favourite recipes
- Memory pages

The Nanny Documents booklet is particularly handy for self employed Nannies. It contains:
- Child records
- Medication/treatment records
- Accident/incident/observation records
- Weekly timesheets
- Expenses records
- Nanny contracts (in duplicate)

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