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Early Education charity selects new patrons to campaign for quality education

Early Education, a charity which campaigns for the right of all children to education of the highest quality, has appointed eight new honorary patrons who will be known as vice presidents.

The new patrons are Professor Robin Alexander, Naomi Eisenstadt CB, Dr Peter Elfer, Emeritus Professor Philip Gamage, Laura Henry, Professor Cathy Nutbrown, Dr Margy Whalley and Professor Elizabeth Wood.

Beatrice Merrick, Early Education chief executive, said: 'From its earliest days, Early Education has been extraordinarily fortunate in the support it has had from leading figures in the sector who give generously of their time to advise and support our work.

'We are grateful for their recognition of the importance of what we do: both in supporting early years practitioners and teachers in all stages of their careers, and campaigning for the right of every child to the highest quality early childhood education. At this crucial time in the run up to the next election, we know our vice presidents will speak out for the best interests of young children, and we call on all parties to heed their expert advice.'

The charity's current president, Helen Moylett, will also become a vice president when she steps down in January, and hands over the post of president to Professor Tony Bertram.

Two of the charity's recent vice presidents, Jean Ensing and Dr Rosemary Peacock have now stepped down after serving for many years.

Early Education vice presidents are honorary patrons of the organisation who commit to supporting the organisation and its belief that every child has as a right to an education of the highest quality in the early years.

Early Education was set up in 1923 and is a national voice on matters that relate to effective early childhood education and care of young children from birth to eight. The organisation supports the professional development of practitioners through publications, training, conferences, seminars and access to a national and regional branch network.

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