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October 2015 Articles

Two-thirds of five-year-olds achieving expected level in Early Years Foundation Stage
More five-year-olds than ever before are achieving the expected level in the Early Years Foundation Stage, however girls are still continuing to outperform boys.

Stark 'early years gap' between children in North and South
There is a stark 'early years gap' between children in the North of England and children living in the South of the country, according to a new report.

Parents should be banned from claiming child benefit if they fail to use free childcare places
The think tank Bright Blue is calling on the Government to make the receipt of Child Benefit conditional upon parents taking up the free childcare places on offer.

Nurseries with three-quarters of staff qualified to level 3 more likely to be rated 'outstanding'
Children in England are given less freedom to play unsupervised and travel around independently than children in other countries in Europe, according to a new study.

Government's 30 hour childcare offer is 'underfunded by £1bn'
The Government's plan to extend free childcare for three and four-year-olds of working parents from 2017, from 15 hours to 30 hours, is underfunded by £1bn, according to a new report.

Widespread cuts to Children's Centres could have 'damaging impact' on thousands of families
The charity, 4Children, has warned that widespread cuts to Children's Centre budgets this year could have a damaging impact on hundreds of thousands of families across the country.

Parents award the Government grade D for being family friendly
Parents have given the Government a grade D for how family friendly it is.

Childcare Expo returns to London for March 2016
The early year's exhibition that was born in 2010 at Coventry's Ricoh Arena has continued to grow year upon year as demands from the early year's sector have developed.

Summer born children tend to be healthier later in life than winter born children
Children born in June, July and August are often slightly heavier at birth, taller as adults and go through puberty slightly later, than children born in the winter months, according to a new study.

A third of children under five have their own tablets
The research by Sheffield University found that in households, that have tablets, 31 per cent of children under five have their own.

Chain restaurants slammed for giving children free refills of high calorie sugary drinks
Café Rouge, Frankie & Benny's and Pizza Hut have been criticised by a charity for offering children free or discounted refills of high calorie sugary drinks

Women often have to change careers after having children
Women often have to change their career path following a break after having children, according to a new survey.

Nursery chain Kiddi Caru raises over £8,000 for Home-Start UK
Nursery chain, Kiddi Caru, has raised over £8,000 for Home-Start UK in its first year of fundraising for the national family support charity.

And Finally...
The UK's newest political party, the Women's Equality Party, which already has over 45,000 members, has said free childcare should be offered to parents of all children aged nine months and over.

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