September 2019 Articles

New Funding for Childcare Sector
Ordinarily a spending review from the Chancellor of the Exchequer would dominate the headlines for at least a few days.

Schools should open 7 days a week says Children’s Commissioner
With a general election highly likely within the next few months, Anne Longfield, the current 0Children’s Commissioner for England has published “Guess How Much We Love You: A Manifesto for Children.”

Tax Free Childcare Still Lacking Parental engagement
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a government project, possessed of complex IT needs, will struggle to get off the ground. So it continues to be for Tax Free Childcare.

Former Children’s Commissioner Calls for Staffing Crisis Investigation
Staffing difficulties in the Early Years sector have been a top issue for several years.

Getting Ready for No Deal Brexit
The childcare sector largely considers itself insulated from Brexit. Not generally dealing in multiple countries.

12 signs that your child is struggling with their eyesight
It can be difficult to know that your child is struggling with their vision because they may not even be aware themselves.

Nights are drawing in - prepare little ones for the roads
At The Children’s Traffic Club one of our aims is to influence children’s long-term behaviour by inspiring, involving and motivating young children to learn about road safety.

Things to learn & do at Childcare Expo!
There are so many things to learn and do the Childcare Expo Midlands 10th birthday show!

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