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Childminding Contracts

A childminding contract with the parent or guardian of each child will put childminders on a professional footing.

It will help to ensure that both parties understand the commitment being made and protect childminders against non-payment.

At inspection this contract can be used to demonstrate that the childminder has regard for the requirements in respect of equipment and for the needs, safety and wellbeing of each individual child. 

The childminding contract has been designed to be easy to read and understand written in plain English.

The pack contains six contracts, each of five pages in duplicate with self-copying paper so that both the childminder and the parent/guardian can retain a copy.

Download the NEW Closure section

The Competition and Markets Authority investigated how the childcare sector responded to the Covid-19 closures. They have published some advice on how to ensure you are complying with consumer law, should you need to close for any reason. You can read their advice here.

We've worked with lawyers to add a new section to our childminder contracts reflecting this advice. They are designed to be printed out and added into these Childminding Contracts, so you can be sure you're covered.

Click here to download the new section.

Please note that this section is designed for use with our Childminding Contract only, and the information may not be complete or applicable if not used alongside it.



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