BAPN Announces it is Closing Down

BAPN for professional nannies

BAPN Announces it is Closing Down


In sad news for the childcare sector, the British Association of Professional Nannies has announced it is shutting its doors after ten years of operation.

In a statement on BAPN’s website, the organisation also paid tribute to their managing director, Tricia Pritchard, who is retiring this year, and who has spent 36 years championing the nanny sector. Morton Michel has worked closely with Tricia and BAPN for many years, and we know how much of a difference their commitment has made to nannies across the country.

Nannies make a vital contribution to Britain’s childcare sector. Numbering in the tens of thousands, they look after children in their own homes, often becoming one of the family. This role however is not without its challenges and, without support, nannies can easily find themselves at risk of exploitation by unscrupulous employers, who are often not only paying their wages, but providing them with a roof over their heads. Both Tricia and BAPN worked tirelessly for many years to ensure nannies’ voices have been heard.

Morton Michel wishes Tricia every success for the future, and we will be doing our part to ensure that we provide nannies who choose to insure with us with the best possible service and support.

You can read BAPN’s statement on their website here:


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