Canal Toys launches anti-bacterial slime

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Canal Toys launches anti-bacterial slime

Canal Toys, the innovative slime brand, has expanded its best-selling slime range to help children keep their hands sanitised. The unique anti-bacterial slime product is the first of its kind on the market and offers a breakthrough in child hand sanitising.

Within your settings, you’ve seen a greater focus on hygiene than ever before, children have been encouraged both at home and when they are in your settings to regularly hand sanitise. However, keeping them in a regular routine and ensuring they routinely sanitise their hands can be challenging for early-years children. 

This pocket-sized solution combines fun slime with a unique anti-bacterial formula that’s safe and alcohol free!
It claims to kill up to 99% of bacteria on hands with a special formula that has passed the most stringent safety standards and gives children a brand-new slime experience. In four fun colours, the mini Anti-Bacterial Slime pots will help children keep their hands clean and bacteria free again and again. Without relying on adults for application, children will quickly get into a new hand sanitising routine, so no more nagging!

The slime pots provide children with a hand-sanitising routine that’s also great fun. Open the portable slime pot, stretch out your anti-bacterial slime and as you stretch and play, the unique formula will also banish 99% of bacteria from their hands.

They are designed for multi-use and can be used over and over again for up to a month, the 4-Pack pots can easily swap out for another pot after four weeks, so you can keep the slime fresh and safe in its unique metal pot with a handy lid.

The Canal Toys boffins have created a special slime formula which is both non-toxic and alcohol-free, making it ideal for little hands. Many dispensers are designed for adults and often spurt and squirt too much for tiny hands, making a horrible mess. These pots do none of that.

The fun and colourful pocket-sized pots are cost-effective, educational and safe. They are available from major retailers with prices starting from £2.99 for a single pot.
About Canal Toys

Headquartered in France and with offices in the US, China and Spain, Canal Toys continues to grow in the UK. The arts & crafts specialist is synonymous with fresh and innovative products, which are all in-house designed product ranges. As a key component of its UK strategy, now in the third year, Canal Toys aims to establish long term brands for the UK market whilst being at the forefront of the new trends with new So Sand DIY and best-selling So Slime DIY and So Bomb DIY.