Early Years Products
As a Morton Michel policyholder you are entitled to fantastic discounts from a range of Early Years suppliers.


Cradle is a simple yet comprehensive app, designed by a childminder for childminders, nurseries and pre-schools.

It covers all statutory paperwork needs as well as having lots of useful extras to support you in running your business completely paper free.

Some of the helpful features include:

- An interactive care diary

- Contract and policy templates

- Accountancy software

- Parent app – adding extra security

- Flexible payment options

All your paperwork needs in one place!

FREE until April 2021 for Morton Michel policyholders!

Dinosaur Douglas Books

Dinosaur Douglas Books offer a new fun way to explore health-related subjects for early years children, including oral health, vitamin D, obesity, hand-washing and toxic stress.

Written in rhyme by children’s author Heather Maisner, with input from Paediatric Consultants at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, and illustrated by international artist Alex Godwin, these books are ideal for PSHE and literacy.

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AtmoSan are specialists in developing, manufacturing and applying decontamination solutions against surfaces and airborne pathogens. Their products have been designed to eradicate the most stubborn contaminants known to man.

Morton Michel policyholders will receive an exclusive 10% discount

Sloth and Stork

The Creative Block is an ebook of over 500 activities organised in a themed weekly plan for each month of the year. Also including 50 meal plans, 35 messy play activities, 20 games for outside and indoors and 10 printable resources for toddlers and preschoolers.

Morton Michel policyholders will receive an exclusive 15% discount

GBG Criminal Record Check Service provider

GBG work with a large number of childcare providers offering a comprehensive service to ensure all checks are processed compliantly.

Applicants are supported directly by GBG’s customer care helpline and email inbox. GBG OnlineDisclosures offers an intelligent, smart phone compatible, online application form designed to assist applicants and ID verifiers through the end to end criminal record check process – features include email alerts, Post Office remote identity verification and applicant payment options

GBG is the largest UK criminal record check provider supporting over 10,000 customers and processing more than 600,000 applications a year.

Morton Michel policyholders will receive a free job role eligibility review when signing up with GBG in order to ensure all checks are processed correctly.

Early Years Resources

Inspire a love of learning and enrich your learning environment with Early Years Resources – a reputable supplier of innovative and cutting-edge educational resources for preschools and early years settings throughout the UK and worldwide.

Early Years Resources has everything you need to enhance and support the delivery of a national and international curriculum; including outstanding resources for outdoor play, sensory play, imaginative play, sand and water play, communication, language, literacy, numeracy, loose parts play, understanding the world, storage solutions and much more.

Exclusive 15% discount for Morton Michel policyholders!

Tidy Books

The award-winning Tidy Books Children’s Bookcase and portable Tidy Books Box displays kid’s books front facing. The simple design makes books fully accessible - it’s easy for kids to pick out books by themselves and get reading!

Tidy Books’ book storage designs:

- Practical and space-saving

- Bookcase stores up to 85 books, and attaches safely to the wall

- Book Box stores up to 40 books

- Fully safety tested

- Original child-led design encourages kids to select books independently

Exclusive 15% discount on all Tidy Books products for Morton Michel policyholders!

Love Writing Co.

The Love Writing Company is on a mission to help children Love Writing from the start. They want to make it fun, we want to make it engaging and most of all make it easier for children to learn to write.

Their Writing Pencils and Erasable Colour Pencils have been specifically developed for a child's hand making them easy to balance and control.

Classroom studies showing when using Love Writing Co. products that 95% of children had improved writing ability, 80% wrote faster and 87% had improved grip and control!

Exclusive 15% discount for Morton Michel policyholders!

The Children’s Traffic Club

The Children’s Traffic Club (CTC) is an award-winning road safety and active travel club that teaches under 5s the skills and attitudes to stay safe when out and about.

The Let’s Go pack, blends the wonder of augmented reality (AR) with a traditional book and is the first road safety and active travel book for under 5s, to contain AR technology, engaging little ones in a learning experience that will influence their attitudes and behaviours in a fun and memorable way.

The pack contains a learning and activity book, covering 12 key topics with reward stickers, a set of flashcards that can be used with or without the AR and a free downloadable app with supporting interactive games.

Exclusive 10% discount for Morton Michel policyholders!

Catch That Cough

Maisy has never learned to ‘catch her cough’. Why should she when it gets in the way of all the fun she’s having? But Maisy’s cough escapes and starts wreaking havoc!

Now Maisy must CATCH HER COUGH! No matter how difficult that may be... The new book from author Bonnie Bridgman.

Exclusive 15% discount for Morton Michel policyholders!

Tree Top Toddlers

The Tree Top Toddlers programme launched in February 2019 and is a concept born from children’s love of story time.

The sport through story books are designed to be read and enjoyed but with core sporting actions at the heart of the experience. The stories capture children’s imagination as well as taking them on a journey through the year, building physical and social attributes that will be transferable to any sport as they grow older.

Click here to find out more about the Tree Top Toddlers programme.

First month FREE for Morton Michel policyholders!


Innovative educational resources for schools, teachers, nurseries, childminders and parents.

Exclusive 7.5% discount for Morton Michel policyholders!

Nana's Manners

Mealtimes are important! As a child, eating confidently and independently is empowering. Nana’s Manners ergonomically designed cutlery supports children in doing just that. The unique shape supports little fingers in forming the correct grip and fun stickers guide children’s hands. Used by Occupational Therapists, the cutlery also supports fine motor skill development. Since launching just last summer, the cutlery is already multi award-winning!

20% discount for Morton Michel policyholders!

My Mood Stars

My Mood Stars help the emotional and personal development of young children and are particularly effective for those children on the autism spectrum. They are soft and tactile unlike other emotional resources, and kids can carry them around with them like favourite soft toys.

Young children find it difficult to express their emotions, so the more games and stories that are played discussing the different kinds of emotions, the more children will be able to recognise and accept their own emotions and indeed those of others.

Exclusive 20% discount for Morton Michel policyholders!

Wild Fangs - 10% discount on a 1 Hour Session

Wild Fangs is an educational animal encounters company, bringing exotic animals into your setting. They specialise in delivering interactive, educational and entertaining sessions on the natural world, using live animals.

Their key philosophy is ‘education through engagement’; believing that children learn better through first hand experiences. Sessions are therefore designed to activate prior knowledge, promote excitement through discovery and expose new information.

ClassBiz - first 3 months FREE of charge

ClassBiz, from ThinkSmart Software, is a cloud based software package that has been designed to take the pressure off business owners and allow them to focus more time on teaching and less on administration. ClassBiz now works with over 2,000 activity providers and the average client is now saving 32+ hours per month on day to day administration!

Amanda's Action Club

Entertain, educate and motivate your children anytime and anywhere - whatever the weather, on your mobile, tablet and on the web.

Exclusive 7 day FREE trial of the Amanda's Action Club new app!

My Nametags

FREE mini set of My Nametags labels - high quality nametags for childrens clothing and items.

Offer valid for one use only with one free mini set per policyholder.

Sue Atkins Parenting Club

All the expert parenting advice you need in one friendly supportive place - from babies to teens and beyond!

The Sue Atkins Parenting Club is Your essential resource for all the advice and support you need to raise happy, confident, independent kids.

Access to advice including podcasts, webinars, interviews and workbooks.

25% off membership!

eyMan - Early Years Management

A comprehensive solution to manage your early years setting - from children registration, session scheduling, invoicing, funding and staff management to recording observations, daily diaries, progress tracking and reporting. Our innovative system helps reducing paperwork, time and operating costs while increasing quality, efficiency and 360° engagement with parents.

eyMan helps you manage children enquiries, enrolment, sessions, funding, invoices, occupancy and staff to child ratios, staff hours for payroll and holiday entitlement, online payments and direct debit, with extensive customisation and reporting.

FREE three month subscription of eyMan

Chatta Logo


Chatta is a proven approach designed to ensure maximum progress in early communication and language development. The approach also includes powerful features to support children with Special Needs and children and families learning English as a new language. Online training, hundreds of activity ideas, a unique mobile app and a dedicated support team help childminders achieve the best outcomes and the strongest parent partnerships.

Chatta includes full support across the year and is based on best practice in early education. Chatta is easy, flexible, fun and above all focuses on ensuring good progress for all children.

One year membership for just £100!

Fire Protection Online Logo

Fire Protection Online

Fire Protection Online is the ‘Amazon’ of the fire protection world, offering quality products and service at unbeatable prices. They are also committed to helping simplify fire safety so everyone is better protected.

10% discount across the range of fire protection products

EzySafety Logo

Ezy Safeguard

Ezy Safety Cushioning is a dedicated division of Radford Ezy Net and creates shock absorbing safety cushioning/guards. Applications cover solid places like furniture, stairs, floors, wall corners, doors, walls, steps, pillars of buildings, etc. - which children may easily collide with or slip on/against and could cause serious injury.

10% discount across the range of edge protection

Firetree Books Logo

Firetree Books

Firetree books has a range of beautiful multicultural books that put all children “in the picture” with fun and exciting stories to celebrate diversity 
in our inter-connected world.

They aim to ‘catch them young’ to give them a sense of self worth in the early years, when personality takes shape and attitudes are formed.

10% discount!

Grub4Life Logo


Allergy Safe and Legally Compliant Recipe Manual for Nurseries - everything you need to make sure your nursery is operating within the law for managing food allergies.

Allergy Safe and Legally Compliant Recipe Manual for Childminders - everything you need to make sure your childminding business is operating within the law for managing food allergies.

20% discount!

Nuture by Laser

Nurture is a set of tools designed to help make your life running a nursery or childcare setting easier.

It was designed by childcare professionals with decades of experience and will save you time and money as well as impressing staff, parents and other agencies with its efficient simplicity!

30% discount!