Legal expenses insurance from ARAG

Childcare businesses who insure with Morton Michel receive legal expenses insurance (LEI) from specialist insurers ARAG. This gives your business access to expert legal advice and representation when you need it.

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Expert representation

There are many reasons you might need legal representation; disputes on employment matters, health and safety, tax or VAT returns, for example. There can also be instances of disputes with neighbours, or finding yourself incurring adverse publicity.

These can all arise at short notice, needing to be addressed quickly and competently. ARAG’s cover is there to meet the legal bills that resolving these issues can incur.

Includes representation throughout regulatory investigation by Ofsted or other childcare regulators.

ARAG works with a panel of specially chosen solicitors who will assess your case before agreeing to represent you.

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Additional services


In addition to covering your legal fees when you need representation, ARAG is there to help protect and support your business at all times.

Free legal advice

ARAG is not just there for when you need to make a claim; its specialist service is designed to help you navigate the professional and legal challenges of running a successful business. These include everything from HR and health and safety, to robust debt recovery processes.

ARAG’s service also includes a free independent legal advice line, staffed by qualified business lawyers, there to answer questions when they arise.

For telephone legal advice, call 0330 303 1466 quoting Morton Michel and your policy number.

Free legal documents service

All businesses need to be confident in their policies, procedures and documentation. ARAG’s legal documents service allows you to create your own legal documents, from employee handbooks, disciplinary and grievance procedures, to maternity leave.

These documents are customisable, meaning you can tailor them to your business needs.

ARAG’s guides and legal documentation service can be accessed on using the voucher code shown in the Legal Expenses section of Morton Michel’s policies.

Free counselling line

Keeping staff safe and happy is a priority for every childcare business, but tough times and personal struggles can take a toll on anyone’s mental health.

To help you support your people, ARAG provides a free, confidential counselling line, usable by your staff and their families.

ARAG plc is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority firm registration number 452369.