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Attendance Records for Childminders

At a glance, the Attendance Record forms show which children and staff have been attending and when.

It will help childminders to maintain accurate daily attendance records in order to meet statutory requirements.

Notes on Use of Attendance Record Forms:

  • Each sheet allows for one full week up to six children. If you mind more than this then a second sheet should be used. The name of each child and their age should be entered at the top of each column.
  • The form provides a record of actual attendance so make sure you record the hours attended, not the contracted hours.
  • The forms have been split in to 'am' and 'pm' slots to assist you with recording the hours of children who attend for short periods of time only. Parents'/Guardians' signatures should be obtained at the end of each week.
  • Information in the weekly attendance record form can be used to help you calculate the fees you charge, depending on your contracts with parents. 


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