Best Practice For Visiting Third Party Attractions

Child at the farm

Best Practice For Visiting Third Party Attractions

Health and Safety advice for visiting attractions that will ensure a great day for all involved.

At Morton Michel we do not apply any specific policy conditions for childcare settings visiting farms or carrying out animal petting activities at third party venues (please refer to your policy wording for specific conditions regarding animal handling taking place at your premises).

However, we do encourage vigilance and hope these easy steps will help make your visit safe, healthy and enjoyable:

Before your visit

- Discuss your visit with management at the site

- Check with the local authority if you are unsure of the ratio of children to adults

- Agree roles and responsibilities with each adult taking part in the visit

- Explain rules of visit to children – wash hands properly, do not eat, drink or chew anything outside the areas you permit and wear appropriate clothing

- Check all cuts, grazes etc are covered with a waterproof dressing

During and after your visit

- Remind children of all the rules, to listen carefully and follow instructions

- Do not kiss animals

- Always wash their hands thoroughly before and after eating, after any contact with animals and before leaving the site

- Eat only food you bring or food for human consumption that has been bought on the premises, in designated areas

- Never eat food that has fallen to the ground

- Never taste animal foods

- Do not suck fingers or put hands, pens, pencils or crayons etc. in mouths

- Where practical and possible, clean or change their footwear before leaving and wash hands after changing

- Ensure children do not pick up tools or equipment and do not climb on walls, fences, gates and animal pens

- Approach and handle animals with care

- If any member of the group shows signs of illness (e.g. sickness or diarrhoea) after a visit, advise them or their parent/guardian to visit the doctor and explain they have been in contact with animals. Also contact the attraction you visited and inform them of the illness

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