Boogie Mites School Ready Music Programme Upgraded Digital Training Package

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Boost Your Music Provision Starting September 2022 - Boogie Mites School Ready Programme Upgraded Digital Training Package

Boogie Mites School Ready Music Programme digital training package is being upgraded. Having listened to customers feedback we are making individual song training videos to support busy, non-musical practitioners to get started one song at a time. The programme is based on neuroscience evidence and the online training includes training modules presented by Dr Anita Collins on this subject. The songs have been tried and tested by teachers, children and parents over many years and found to be a great way to 'plug gaps' in children's phonological awareness ready for phonics, as well as the wide range of other school ready benefits from regular music practice in the pre-school year - self regulation, listening, communication, self-expression and confidence, maths and creative thinking to mention a few!

The new single song training videos are being filmed during August as part of a collaboration with customers and will be added to the digital package from mid-September when the price of the programme package will increase by £50 to reflect the upgrade. If you would like to introduce Boogie Mites School Ready Music programme to your nursery this starting this September and benefit from the upgraded resources but at the current price, buy now! You can purchase the programme here. All existing licensees of the programme will automatically have the new single song videos added in September at no additional cost. We will also be adding a PDF with tips for making music outdoors. Contact with any questions.

What customers say:

"I have learnt so much. I didn't realise music played such an important part in school readiness." Lynn Lobban, Linden Leas Pre-school

"100% enjoyment! Really loved being part of it and learning the songs. A new take on the traditional phase 1 phonics which has been enjoyed." Siobhan Clarke, Railway Children Nursery, Northants

"I have found the resources provided to be excellent, giving lots of ideas on how to extend and expand activities. The songs and music are original and catchy, and I love the fact that I am helping the children to advance educationally in such a fun and enjoyable way! I feel that the fact that I am enjoying it so much is enthusing the children too. They all seem so eager to join in and to contribute their ideas and I feel confident that they are advancing in many areas, including their communication, social and gross motor skills, as well as becoming more confident and expressive individuals." Paula Ariel, Little Stars Nursery, Staffs

"Our music sessions were stale and a bit flat, these Boogie Mites sessions have really improved our music, with the reassurance we are meeting the Letters and Sounds requirements. Such good value!" Kirsty Winwood, Rainbow Nursery, Staffs

"This course has really given me the opportunity and tools to bring music back into the classroom with purpose. Learning through music now has a completely different meaning for me." Kirsty Bard, The Lake House Nursery, Bristol

"I loved the course, thank you. Bright and cheerful with great ideas such a welcome break from all the 'doom and gloom' at the moment! The songs are great and the children have enjoyed joining in with them. Lots of new ideas to refresh your enthusiasm for teaching phase one phonics!" Jennifer Smith, Trumacar Nursery, Lancs

"Boogie Mites make Sounds and Letters so much fun! We are learning new skills through movement, dancing and singing, is there a better way to learn?" Barbara Ciwinska, Beanstalk Nursery, London

"This course has provided me and my staff with all the information to ensure our children are school ready and are developing in all areas of the EYFS. It provides fun, listening skills and has given our children heaps of confidence within the setting." Olivia Creedy, Little Turtle Day Nursery, Birmingham

"The music is amazing! I find the jazzy songs bring so much joy and curiosity to the children. This is and will be a great resource for our nursery. Thank you!" Anamaria Toma, Wimbledon Park Montessori Nursery, London

"It was a really good time to implement the course because we have found a lot of the children's well-being has been effected by the pandemic and just singing the songs has supported lifting spirits in the setting." Aimee Fielding, Barnston Buddies, Liverpool

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