The British Red Cross: Learn First Aid for a Child Who Has a Nosebleed

Adult helping child with nosebleed

The British Red Cross: Learn First Aid for a Child Who Has a Nosebleed

Over the recent summer months, you may have noticed an increase in the number of children with nosebleeds in your setting. Dry air from air conditioning, more time running about outdoors in the warm weather and nose-picking can all increase the risk of nosebleeds. aren’t usually serious.

Here’s how to help if a child in your care has a nosebleed:

1. Pinch the soft part of their nose and ask them to lean forward.

Pinching the nose helps the blood to clot. Leaning forward stops blood going into the airway or stomach. Ask them to breathe through their mouth and to spit out any blood into a tissue or bowl.

2. Continue to pinch the soft part of their nose for ten minutes and if necessary, repeat this for two further periods of ten minutes.

3. Seek medical attention if the bleeding continues for more than half an hour or if you have other concerns, such as the child having underlying medical conditions, or the nosebleed is the result of a bang on their head.

Support different learning styles with a blended course: 

Red Cross Training’s blended paediatric first aid course is available to book now. It includes one day of online training and one day of face-to-face training.  

Blended learning is a great way to combine the benefits of different learning styles. While some people prefer face-to-face learning, others favour learning via a mix of media including audio, video and text. Blended learning is an ideal way to combine the benefits of both styles. 

Blended learning  is also easy to fit around other commitments: learners can complete the first half of the course online, at their own pace, anytime in the two weeks before the face-to-face, practical part of the course.  

Learn more: Blended paediatric first aid course | Red Cross Training (

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