Childcare & Education Expo 2024

Lady smiling while attending a seminar at a Childcare and Education expo event

Childcare & Education Expo Unveils Innovative Features for 2024 Event

Childcare & Education Expo has been a trailblazer in advancing early education since 2009, having welcomed over 40,000 visitors throughout the years. This event stands as an unmissable opportunity for educators, professionals and enthusiasts in early education to connect, learn and discover.

The upcoming event, scheduled for the 1st and 2nd of March 2024 at Olympia London, is poised to impress attendees with an array of exciting features.

Learning Reinvented: CPD Seminar & Workshops

Visitors are invited to participate in educational CPD seminar sessions guided by world-class speakers in the education sector. Attendees will gain invaluable insights into the latest teaching methods and strategies, covering successful development in play, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), emotional development, pedagogy and more. 

Additionally, they can delve into a spectrum of activity ideas supporting phonics, movement, sign language, maths, and beyond in interactive workshops. A notable addition for London 2024 includes free wellbeing workshops, thoughtfully designed to provide support for personal, professional and children's mental health.

Enhancing Engagement and Support

Participants can actively engage in open discussions on key challenges within the education sector at the "Share & Support Hub." Led by subject matter experts, these sessions offer valuable insights and collaborative solutions to challenges involving SEND, parent expectations, challenging behaviour and mental health.

Another feature hoping to support visitors is the "Ofsted Advice Corner." Attendees can meet Ofsted for personalised inspection support, advice on the early years inspection framework and developments in the sector. Gain valuable insights into the curriculum, registration processes, inspection procedures and the overarching strategy of 'The best start in life.'

Innovative Learning Experiences

Attendees are invited to immerse themselves in an innovative learning experience with "A Musical Place to Learn." This unique showcase seamlessly combines the joy of music, demonstrating how educators can help nurture young musical talents. 

Discover and explore hands-on outdoor learning ideas in the specially curated zones of "Little Learns Live by YPO." This segment promises engaging activities and ideas that can be effortlessly integrated into educational settings.

Professional Headshots for Career Enhancement

As a valuable addition, the expo introduces a "Professional Headshots" service, providing attendees with the opportunity to update their professional profiles with a complimentary headshot. 

Sparking Inspiration in the Early Years Sector

The event will also witness the introduction of the innovative "Remember Your Why" Wall, providing attendees with a unique platform to celebrate the vibrancy of the early years sector. This feature encourages participants to share words of encouragement and wisdom, offering a rare opportunity to make a lasting impact and spark inspiration in others.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to connect, learn and discover with one of the largest education communities in the UK and beyond. Secure your free ticket now to join the experience at Childcare & Education Expo London. 

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