Coram and Local Government Association Publishes Insights into Wraparound Care

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Coram and Local Government Association Publishes Insights into Wraparound Care

Coram Family and Childcare (CFC) has published a report commissioned by the Local Government Association exploring the views of key stakeholders in wraparound care. The report is intended to provide insight into the wraparound sector in the context of the government’s £289 million investment into the sector, which begins in 2024 and will run for two years.

The report found that the sector is currently seeing high volatility and increasing shortages of availability, consistent with an earlier report from March last year which found only a quarter of local authorities had sufficient provision for parents working full time with children aged 5-11.

As part of the report some themes emerged around the challenges parents face accessing provision. These include the need to book sessions so far in advance that a spot can’t be guaranteed and hours being limited. Parents with particular needs such as atypical hours or long commutes felt excluded. On the sector’s side, the report highlights the difficulties faced in finding staff to work wraparound hours, especially given the high premium that parents rightly place on high quality provision. 

None of the report’s findings are likely to come as a surprise to those in the sector who have often felt themselves to be something of an un-regarded Cinderella service. Even though the government is now giving wrap around care significant attention, it is clear that a greater depth of understanding is needed to ensure the sector can fulfil its potential.

The full report can be accessed here