Effects of the Pandemic Becoming Clear on Children’s Skills

Little girl sitting on colourful dice beanbag chair alone in room with back facing towards the camera.

Effects of the Pandemic Becoming Clear on Children’s skills

A recent report by the Institute of Fiscal Studies, analysed the effects of the pandemic on children aged 4-7 years old. The report surveyed parents with a range of questions relating to their children’s behaviour and social development in February 2021 compared to the previous year. The findings found that over half, 52%, of all parents believed their children’s behaviour had worsened in this period. Alongside this, 47% felt that their child’s social and emotional development had been hindered by the difficulties of the pandemic.

There were numerous factors that affected the answers to the survey. One of these was the age of the children, with younger children being more likely to suffer negative effects. Another significant factor was the parents’ employment situation and economic stability with those families who were furloughed or suffered income losses being more prone to negative development in their children. The other major reasons were nursery and school closures, and the lack of interaction with friends and wider families. 

While it is unsurprising that for the majority there were declines in children’s development during the pandemic, one in six parents believed their child’s emotional skills actually improved during this time. The report is a clear reminder of the importance of the early years sector and the significant impact it has on the lives of children and their long-term outcomes. 

You can read the report in more detail here.