Everyday Items That Can Help in a First Aid Emergency

5 icons of 5 everyday items to use in a first aid emergency including cling film, frozen peas, pillow, orange juice carton and tea towel

Everyday Items That Can Help in a First Aid Emergency

Did you know that many everyday items can be used in first aid emergencies? During Child Safety Week, which took place between 6 and 12 June, the British Red Cross highlighted five useful items that you’re likely to find around the house or your setting.


1. Clingfilm for burns

After a burn has been cooled, cover it with clingfilm or a clean plastic bag.

2. Frozen veg for head injuries

Apply something cold to the injury – for example, frozen vegetables wrapped in a tea towel.

3. Pillow for broken bones

Support the injury with a cushion or items of clothing to prevent unnecessary movement.

4. Liquids for burns

Use any safe liquid to cool a burn, like orange juice.

5. Tea towel for heavy bleeding

A tea towel can be used to put pressure on the wound and to stop or slow down the flow of blood.

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