Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week

Since 2018 Morton Michel has offered our clients a free confidential counselling helpline, for use by staff, and their families, for any mental health problems, not just those that are work related. In this blog for Mental Health Awareness week, we wanted to explain why that is important.

For many people, working with children is a dream job, but mental health problems can hit anyone, any time. They might be caused by stress and pressure, or they might be related to deep seated issues from long ago. No matter the cause, feeling like your brain is not working right can be confusing and hard to talk about. After-all, no-one else is inside your head or knows what it is like to be you.

The theme for Mental Health Awareness week this year is loneliness. Humans are social creatures and feeling isolated from others can be very damaging to our mental wellbeing. This is all the more true when we really need advice and support from someone who understands what we are going through. Conversely, having someone to talk to, who knows where you are coming from, can make a huge difference, especially if they are able to put you on the path to getting better.

If you run a setting, you can help by making sure your staff have someone to talk to. In many settings that means creating a culture where everyone looks after eachother and can offer support when someone is struggling. However, sometimes it can be hard to open up to people you work with. That is where our counselling line comes in to fill the gap. Not only does it mean that advice is available for those who need it, just knowing there is someone you can talk to when you need it can make a big difference if you are going through a tough time.

We know, of course, that many mental health issues require more treatment and support than counselling, but if you are suffering, talking to someone is always the first step towards getting the help you need. We hope our counselling line helps people to take that step.

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