Nursery Appeals for Donations of Cultural Items From the Public

Nursery Appeals for Donations of Cultural Items From the Public

The Butterfly Patch nursery group logoThe Butterfly Patch, a nursery group based in six locations across South London and Surrey is asking the public to make donations of used cultural items.

This can be anything from across the globe, from used cookware and clothing like steaming baskets or headscarves to musical instruments, toys and decorations.

The appeal is all about enhancing the children’s understanding of the world around them. Introducing little ones to different religions and cultures at the nursery and allowing them to explore these cultural items freely.

This comes as part of integrating The Curiosity Approach across the nurseries, encouraging little ones to play with everyday and cultural objects to inspire awe and wonder.

A spokesperson for the nursery said: “This approach offers little one’s fantastic sensory opportunities to learn more about the wider world through cultural items, integrating new objects in daily play.

“Enabling children to use all senses when playing to further their development and knowledge, offering great imaginative play opportunities whilst promoting to expand their horizons as well as recycle, upcycle and reuse.”

To donate please get in touch via our website or visit us in person!

The information in this article is provided by The Butterfly Patch nursery group and does not represent Morton Michel.