The British Nanny Association Fundraiser

The British Nanny Association Fundraiser

National Nanny Association graphicThe National Nanny Association plans to be the heart and guidance of home based childcare excellence, provided by a Nanny, where passion meets professionalism!

We are starting to establish a true vision to elevate the standards of childcare provided by a Nanny across the UK. 

The British Nanny Association will be a dynamic and dedicated community committed to fostering a nurturing environment for both nannies and families they work with. 

Our key objectives are;

1. KNOWLEDGE -Recommending a minimum standard of knowledge and skills.

2. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT-Advice on ongoing opportunities to enhance skills

3. ADVOCACY-Be the voice of Nannies in the UK

4. COMMUNITY BUILDING -Foster a sense of community and connection

5. STANDARDS AND ETHICS - Establish and uphold ethical standards for Nannies.

6. REGULATION/REGISTER- To strive for further for safeguarding children.

7. FAMILY ENGAGEMENT-Facilitate positive relationships between nannies and families.

8. COLLABORATION -Collaborate with other nanny communities, establishments and associations nationally and globally. 

This weekend the 27th January 2024 marks our 1st fundraising event.

Allie Bell, Maria Culley, Latoya Zuri and Lauren Holgate will be participating in the Winter Walk Half Marathon and we would be grateful for any donation you can make!

We need to be able to build a website to offer an annual membership for nannies, advice and support for both nannies and families, a tailored Nanny Register to promote quality and safety in the industry, and to raise the profile of the important work Nannies do.

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Together We Are Stronger!

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