When Nannies Need to Know Their Rights

When Nannies Need to Know Their Rights

Good nannies become part of the family, and families are about trust. You trust your family to have your back when you need it, and even when they get things wrong, you trust them to make amends. No nanny expects their employers to be faultless, and in return, no family should expect their nanny to be perfectly perfect in every way. But sometimes that isn’t what happens. Sometimes the family has unrealistic expectations, or makes unrealistic demands. In those cases, where trust has broken down, a nanny needs to stand up for themselves. That means knowing their rights.

This can be hard. Imagine a situation where a family has been working a nanny to the bone. Treating them more like a maidservant, micromanaging her interactions, belittling and undermining her. Horrible, and thankfully not common, but not unheard of either. Imagine then the family decides to withhold some of the nanny’s salary – claiming they hadn’t worked hours they know they have. When the nanny complains, the family says they don’t have a leg to stand on – mum is a corporate lawyer.

What can the nanny do? She could try getting her own lawyer, but they cost hundreds of pounds an hour – money she will probably not get back even if she wins the case. Unfortunately, she might feel she has no choice but to walk away.

Luckily it does not have to be like this. Morton Michel’s Nanny Insurance includes Legal Expenses cover from ARAG as standard. Critically, this includes free legal advice, available over the phone from fully qualified solicitors. If trust has broken down and a nanny needs to know her rights, they are there for her. In many cases, this will be enough to level the playing field considerably, letting the nanny stand her ground instead and resolve the situation, instead of having to back down. Where it is not enough, Morton Michel’s legal expenses insurance will also pay for representation, provided ARAG determine that there is a better than 50% chance of the nanny winning.

When trust breaks down, nannies who know their rights can ensure they can stand up for themselves.

With ARAG, Morton Michel customers get:

  • Free legal advice from qualified solicitors
  • Free confidential counselling lines
  • Access to legal document templates, including wills
  • Legal information through articles and webinars
  • Expert representation for cases with greater than 50% chance of success.

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