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Flick Learning FAQs

About flick Learning

flick are an online training provider, on a mission to transform the world of must-do training into engaging, enjoyable and highly effective e-learning. They believe in keeping our content bite-sized, to-the-point and easy-on-the-eye. Their guiding principles are to focus on what people need to know and find ways to make it stick. 

flick offers over 70 courses covering a wide variety of subjects. These include the EYFS, health and safety, food hygiene, data protection, safeguarding, financial crime and many more.

Flick’s current prices are:

Single user: £60

2 – 10 users: £300

10- 20 users: £450

20 – 50 users: £750

50 – 75 users: £1050

75 – 100 users: £1300

100 - 150 users: £1800


Every business is different, and it’s definitely worth calculating your current training costs to find out how much you will save by integrating flick into your operation.


All flick’s courses are fully accredited by the appropriate body such as the RoSPA or the Home Office.

The majority of flick’s courses are valid wherever you are in the UK. Where courses are region-specific, such as those that concern the EYFS, this is made clear. 

Yes, one of the best things about flick is your ability to keep track of what courses your staff have completed. This includes assigning specific learning journeys for staff to take, and how often, so that you always knows their knowledge is up-to-date.

Yes, your staff will receive a personalised digital certificate once they have completed their course.

If you are impressed by flick’s content and would like them to create a course just for you, they will be only too happy to do so. Contact them via email or livechat to request a quote and discuss your requirements.

Getting set up

Once you have purchased a Morton Michel policy, you will receive an email from flick learning with details of how to create your flick account. After that, you will be able to access flick through a web browser on your laptop, tablet or mobile. 


Please note: Multi user access to flick is not applicable to Childminder or Home Childcare policies.

You can create accounts for your staff using the flick dashboard. Once created, your staff will receive an email inviting them to undertake online training. By default you can add 10 staff members, but this can be increased if necessary to ensure each of your staff has their own account.

If you need assistance, flick are available through their live chat, or by emailing hello@flicklearning.com



You can access flick’s training as soon as you log in. How long it takes to customise flick will depend on your needs. However, once you have filled in your set-up template and sent it to flick, they will usually have you ready to go within one working day.

Each of your staff can have an individual flick account. The default number of staff allowed is ten, but if you need more, you can request additional accounts from flick at any time.

If you already use flick, then you should still set up a new account when prompted by email. Once you have logged in, you should contact flick to arrange migrating your old account details across. 

Your flick account will be automatically discontinued when your Morton Michel policy comes to an end, if it is not renewed. If you want to keep using flick after this date, you should let them know and they will be able to provide you with a quote for continuing your account outside of this offer.